Two day workshop 12th and 13th April 2014, Prague

After his success in Australia and various places in Europe, Sean Scullion aka Seani Fool returns to Prague! This time with a two day workshop. First day, Introduction to Sacred Sexuality is suitable even for beginners and newbies to Conscious Sexuality. You can learn more here. It's ideal for you if you are curious about conscious sexuality, magic and the great potential that lies therein, but perhaps uncertain if you want to go deep and hands on (skin).

Day two, epxloration of Shadow Tantra, is a more intense continuation. It will be more practical, we will talk about kink, pleasure as well as pain, BDSM and the "darker" side of sexuality in general. All this in a safe environment with emphasis on consent and free will, in a protected space created by an experienced teacher and practitioner. What specifically will be covered can be found here. We don't recommend attending day 2 unless you attended the first, but will allow it given that you have previous experience, for example if you have attended a workshop of Seani's before...

Worshop will run in English, with a Czech interpreter.

This workshop is for adults only (18+)


Day 1 Day 2 Both days
Single 900 Kč 900 Kč 1700 Kč
Pair* 1700 Kč 1700 Kč 3300 Kč

* Pairs can be partners as well as "just" friends who decide to come and book together. All genders and combinations of genders welcome, we are LGBT friendly.

Venue capacity is limited a place will only be secured once deposit has been paid. Booking alone will not secure you a place.

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